Eye for an Eye: A Séance in Virtual Reality

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An uncanny encounter with the departed.

While searching for their missing friend Calvin, a group of teenagers contact their local neighborhood spirit medium, a shady spinster with a dark past. Through startling twists and spectacular visuals, “Eye For An Eye: A Séance in Virtual Reality” invites viewers along for an uncanny encounter with the departed - exposing the disturbing, unexpected truth about Calvin. Perhaps some mysteries are just better left unsolved.

"One of the best experiences I’ve had with Eye For an Eye was when we showed it in a class of high school kids. They had no preconceived idea of what they were about to experience.What’s exciting is we get to bring VR to popular culture instead of just the balcony. And that’s really where it’s at. To break out of the ivory tower of VR and get it to people on the street and say does this work for you?

It’s been an incredible learning curve. And I feel like we’re just getting started,. it’s great be forging a path for people and helping figure out what works and what doesn’t. Everyone only has one first time for VR. You show them popcorn popping in VR their first time and they will experience a sense of amazement. But that is only the first time. It has a shelf life. So the real challenge becomes, can you keep producing content that replicates that experience and keeps audiences coming back.”

-Elia Petridis, Director

The Creator of Eye for an Eye: A Séance in Virtual Reality

Elia Petridis

Elia Petridis has an MFA in Film/Television Production from The USC School of Cinematic Arts. He began his career as the Director Of Acquisitions for Prime Pictures. His thesis film How Henri Came to Stay won the Audience Award at the Beijing International Film Festival and he has directed music videos for artists including Jesca Hoop. Petridis directed the last film to featuring Ernest Borgnine entitled The Man Who Shook The Hand of Vicente Fernandez. Recently, with company Filmatics, he and his team have produced the VR horror experience, "Eye for an Eye VR" in conjunction with WeVR, as well as its transmedia pre-qual short film - "Henrietta"


Written and Directed by: Elia Petridis
Cast: Pamela Heffler, Erich Riegelman, Nicole Boucher, Emily Rudd, Reeve Alexander, Caitlin Randolph, Jono Cota
Producer: Ross Putman
Cinematographer: Jonathan Barenboim
Sound: Czech National Symphony Orchestra, Igloo Music Studios, Source Sound, Justin Moshkevich, Alvaro Cadavid, Susan Mihely, Mateo Barragan, Ruy Folguera
Post Production Supervisor: Elijah Senn
Casting: Michael Matzur
Coloring: Anarchy Post
Credits: Polaris
Special Thanks: Devin Embil