New Works Explore Sensory Manipulation in Art and Storytelling
Above: David Byrne (Talking Heads) experiences Apex at Tribeca


June 9, 2017
Last month we spent time at the Tribeca Film Festival where we premiered Arjan van Meerten’s darkly beautiful simulation Apex. While there, we had the privilege of checking a lot of the other experiences in Tribeca’s Virtual Arcade We were genuinely inspired by the creative innovation we saw and the immensely talented creators we met. To paraphrase H. G. Wells, it was “the shape of things to come.

Loren Hammonds:

Tribeca Film Festival curator. /////////

An interview with visionary Tribeca curator Loren Hammonds on the rooftop of the festival interrupted by the occasional overhead helicopter . We discuss the evolution of VR at the festival, what artistic trends he finds fascinating, and what the envisions for the future of the medium.

"I wanted to make sure that we celebrated people that are making fully realized experiences as opposed to something that feels more like a demonstration."

"The ways that these creators are presenting these stories they are actually building emotional connections."

Loren Hammonds

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Ersin Han Ersin:

from Marshmallow Laser Feast. ///////

We are huge fans of London based collective Marshmallow Laser Feast. As much as anyone they are pushing the convergence of art and technology. At Tribeca their installation was Tree Hugger: Wawona. The highly immersive simulation invited audiences to literally hug a giant Sequoia tree and drift into “a hidden dimension that lies just beyond the limit of our senses - following a single drop of water as it traverses from root to canopy in these enormous living structures.

"We were exploring what we can do with this medium that you can't do in any other medium. And that became the main question."

"It's better to take it to a poetic place and leave room for the viewer's imagination."

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Elise Ogle and Tobin Asher:

creators of Becoming Homeless. //////

Elise Ogle and Tobin Asher work at Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab where they created the simulation Becoming Homeless: a Human Experience which appeared at Tribeca. It’s an intensely impactful first person experience where audiences face the possibility and adversity of living without a home. The aim is to change the way people think about the global homelessness epidemic by utilizing the inherent empathy created by VR.

"If we can find ways of making people care about an issue because it feels closer to them. Often times Virtual Reality can do that when done well."

For additional info on Becoming Homeless you can go here: