The Glad Scientist

A Wevr Transport interview with virtual reality musician Daniel Sabio

June 26, 2017

We believe immersive technologies are poised to radically transform the arts. Not merely storytelling and exotic environments, but how we experience music. This past year we witnessed an exhilarating reimagining of the music video form. Tyler Hurd’s acclaimed simulation “Old Friend” and some others took audiences from being mere listeners and viewers and transported them directly into the music. It’s an intoxicating development that makes us wonder how these new technologies will alter live musical performances.

Daniel Sabio:

future art technologist. ////////

An intriguing hint of what they could become is found in the interactive musical works of Atlanta based VR artist and composer The Glad Scientist aka Daniel Sabio. So when the he came through Los Angeles last week, we invited the sonic explorer over to our Venice Beach headquarters for a supremely pleasant interrogation on a variety of music and art related subjects , all of which you can witness in the video below.

"One day it just hit me: Hey, Virtual Reality is immersive art. I can use that to make installations and experiences ."

"In five years if we are still using cell phones I'll feel like we failed. We should all be using some sort of augmented reality to interact with a computational force."

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